Madrid, the royal city


Country : Spain

Population3 165 000 inhabitants


Madrid is a surprising and an astonishing city. Real capital city for its infrastructures’ efficacy and its economic dynamism, Madrid offers villages’ atmosphere according to the quarters ; each quarter possess its defined identity. Nevertheless, if there is one thing that characterizes Madrid, it is its deep and contagious passion for life, which reflects in the friendly attitude of its inhabitants.  

Often regarded as the most Spanish city of Spain, Madrid is also a city among the most welcoming European cities. Astonishing art galleries, lively nightlife, a warm atmosphere on every street corner, a booming flamenco scene, renowned restaurants and tapas bar make Madrid a city counting many qualities, difficult to gather in other European capital cities. Day and night, Madrid will know how to seduce you by its diversity, its gastronomy and its vitality. 





Coming to Barcelona

By plane :

- Barcelona -El Prat airport is located at 15km from the center of Madrid.

It is possible to reach Madrid thanks to bus, metro, train and taxi services.

For more information :

Paris-Madrid : 1h50

Public transportation

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Entry formalities

All the citizens of a European Union country member, of the EEA or of Switzerland, do not need a visa to stay in Madrid. They only need a valid identity card or a passport, still usable 3 months after the return.

All the foreign nationals of a European Union country member, of the EEA or of Switzerland and those who possess a residence permit of a European Union country member, need a visa to stay in Madrid. Get some information about administrative formalities and necessary documents to obtain a visa for Spain to the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country of origin or of residence.

WARNING : Information collected on November 2nd 2016.

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